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Looking back, we sold our large sheep herd and started raising Boer goats in 2004 and had a fantastic time in this Venture. Our foundation herd originated in MN, TX and IA. Then, we added new bloodlines by bringing in top-notch bucks from MO, IN and IA. It was exciting watching our herd improve with each generation as these new bloodlines blended with our terrific starter herd’s bloodlines to create what we feel are some of the best Boer goats in the upper Midwest.

We didn’t show due to our
closed herd status, but those showing goats from our genetics are having great success with them.

VKV’s Herd Legacy

“Kids at Play” &
“King of the Hill, 2013”

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Kids_at_Play.wmv King of the Hill.wmv

This Slide show below contains some of our 2013 offspring as well as some we sold at the Northern Lights Breeding Stock Sale in October, 2013.

Pictured below is a sampling of the kids born in 2014 at VK Ventures.

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that the last VKV Boer goats have been sold. We are thrilled that the rest of our herd was able to stay together as they found a new home with a great young family who are just getting started in this great Venture.

We would like to thank all of our customers over the years - so many of you we now count as friends. We hope you’ll keep us in mind as you need equipment and that you’ll keep in touch. We will forever be goat people in our hearts.

We loved our goats so much and would like to share some memories of our lovely goats in the photos below.

Pictured below are some of the offerings we sold at the 2016 POM Northern Lights Sale

These are photos of the last does to leave VKV… Many tears went along with them to their new home. They are a lovely group of yearlings!