Fence Line Feeders for Goats and Sheep Feeders for goats and sheep

entures, LLC

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Fence Line Feeders

VKV Double-Sided Feeders Round Bale Feeders for goats and sheep

VK Ventures developed
goat and sheep equipment, for use in our own large herd. Now
Omro Fabrication is building it!

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VKV product

Fence Line Feeders for Goats and Sheep Map Minneota or Lakeville.png

VKV Now has 2 Locations for Easy Pick-Up…
Minneota or Lakeville, MN

Custom Goat & Sheep Equipment
Design & Fabrication


Double-Sided Feeders

We didn’t just design it,
we’ve used it!

Goat and Sheep
Round Bale,
Fence Line, and
Hay and Grain Feeders

Equipment designed by people using it in their
own herd...
You’ve come to the right place!

VK Ventures got their start raising one of the largest Boer goat herds in SW Minnesota. Through that experience with goats and before that, with sheep, they now focus on designing and fabricating feeding equipment specifically for
goats and sheep.
Designed by VKV,
Built by Omro Fabrication

Transport Opportunities…

Pick up VKV Equipment at our other location in
Lakeville, MN!

Map Minneota or Lakeville.png

Now 2 Convenient Locations!

I wish we’d have come
here first...

Located in the SW Corner of Minnesota, near
South Dakota,
North Dakota & Iowa

Credit Cards and PayPal Accepted with a
3.5% Convenience Fee

Checks Accepted with Valid Driver’s License
(Returned Check Fee - $25)

Round Bale Feeders