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General Info:

University of Maryland Interactive Meat Goat Budget Worksheet

Kid Heat Barrel - Instructions for building a cozy warmer for your kids

Estimating Winter Hay Needs For Meat Goats by KSU

Kentucky State Univ. Newsletter: Getting Ready for Kidding (p. 3)

Tubing - YouTube video showing how to tube a weak kid.

Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants by Dr. Susan Kerr

Mississippi State Univ. Extension’s 4-H Goat Guide - Source for general info

VK Ventures’ 4-H Goat Basic Info - Info on Care, Maintenance & Facility setup

ABGA Udder Structure Chart

Raising a Meat Goat Project -  Helpful hints on raising and showing wethers from Bar None.

The South African Boer Goat Standard  - Learn more about what used to be the “Standard”.
(This is dated, but still has some useful info in it.)

Meat Goat Guide -  Information on selection & evaluation of meat goats.

Bar None’s Info Page - One stop shopping for those new to goats

Youth Loans through FSA - Loans are available to help our youth get started!

Disasters – Preparing a Livestock Operation

Videos - Tips for Showing Your Goat:


Teaching your wether to brace (a lamb is used in this example,
    but it’s a similar process)

General Showing Tips

Just Kidding Goat Farm Showing Presentation

Features many

Trimming Guideline.jpg