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“ZEUS”, son of DOWNEN P133 HART S149 *ENNOBLED* & HART M32 *ENNOBLED*, has 11 Ennobled Names on his Pedigree!,  Sadly, our foundation buck, “ZEUS” moved on to greener pastures. He turned out fabulous kids in our program for years. We retained his bloodlines in our herd through his daughters and granddaughters and bred them to super genetics provided by our new herd sires. As of April 2017, we still had one of his daughters here at VKV… That’s one LONG legacy!

VK Ventures’ awesome bloodlines started with these amazing Foundation Sires. They provided our foundation genetics… their offspring can be seen throughout our herd.

VKV Foundation Sires

This “Miracle” of AI and ET continually impressed us with his offspring, so much so that we retained many of his daughters and their daughters. With heavy hearts, we decided it was time to let Miracle move on to enhance another herd in Jordan, MN. We missed him, but we were happy to have his genetics continue through his daughters.




AABG/LOID BOOMER is the son of Sire RRD GAUGE *ENNOBLED* and Dam EGGS PALINA *ENNOBLED*. He’s a full brother to AABG/LOID COVER GIRL *ENNOBLED*, the ABGA National Reserve Grand Champ and AABG/LOID GREAT BALLS A FIRE, whose first 2 daughters to be sold at public auction sold for $6,000 and $10,500. As of May, 2012, RRD Gauge had the most ennoblement points of ANY ABGA Buck at 4750

BOOMER has 10 ennoblements on his Pedigree including his parents and ALL of his Grandparents!