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VKV Fence Line


VKV Fence Line Feeders

Adapted from our popular VKV Double-Sided Feeder
into our VKV Fence Line version

NOW Galvanized for years of rust-free service

● Kick plate keeps kids/lambs from crawling under

● Available with Walk-Through Gate
(Customize the Size to fit your needs!)

● Set it up at a 90 degree angle, put a gate in the corner

● Basket allows feeding hay from the top with pan
below for feeding grain

● Ends of grain pan allow water to drain

● 8’ long - Easily feeds 8 animals

● “V” pan discourages kids/lambs from lying in the feeder


(Due to the high cost of shipping and issues with size restrictions, we can no longer offering shipping but check to see if we have a truck coming to your area on our
Transport page.)

VKV Fence Line Feeder.mp4

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Checks Accepted with Valid Driver’s License (Returned Check Fee - $25)