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Why Raise Boer Goats?

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OMRO Fabriction & Construction, LLC

OMRO - Round Bale Feeders, Double-Sided Galvanized Feeders,
 Fence Line Feeders

Premier 1 Supplies - The ultimate authority on fencing for goats.

USDA - Order FREE Scrapies tags by calling 866-USDA-TAG (Have your premise ID handy).
      More Info from the Minnesota Board of Animal Health regarding goat exhibition

Jeffers Livestock - Inexpensive goat supplies (syringes, needles, etc.)

Valley Vet - Livestock supply

Pipestone Veterinary Supply - Excellent source for all goat-related vet supplies.

Hoegger Supply -  Everything for goats...

Big Gain Feed

Zareba - Electric Fencing Supplies

Eat Goat Meat:

Nutritive Value of Goat Meat

Benefits of Goat Meat (By Heartland Goat Assn)

Goat Primal Cuts

Cooking goat meat - Jack Mauldin’s cooking suggestions

Valuable Contacts:

Pride of Minnesota Boer Goats -Organization dedicated to education on the Boer Goat industry, and marketing them.

ABGA (American Boer Goat Association) - A full-service breeding association

Minnesota Youth Show Goat Circuit - A new and exciting opportunity for area youth!

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