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VKV Double-Sided Feeder Customer Comments:

“We have about 6 8 footers and 2 4 footers. Love them. Had them for many years and they have held up extremely well. We have 2 of them in a pen with 30-40 nannies. They get pushed around but I can't say they are beat up at all. Also have a 4 footer in with 2-3 bucks. It's often tipped over but had held up beautifully.”

“Love our feeders!!! Worth every penny!!! Have had our first one about 5 yrs and still looks the same as it did the day we bought it.”

“We were in Runnings in Brookings last week and we saw they are selling a 4 foot feeder, almost like yours.  Molly was with me and she looked at it and said, "well that's NOT going to work"...instead of the W-shaped pan on the bottom of the feeder, they had a flat wide base where water could sit and kids could lay.  Ha!  They almost got it right, but not quite!  Jeff has created the perfect goat feeder!  We love all of ours and I can't imagine feeding out of anything else - they are so simple & effective…there is just no comparison in your feeders. Job well done! Best. Feeders. Ever!”

“We love those feeders!”

“The bunks! I should have bought them a long time ago. They are great no hay waste and easy to feed grain.

We have one customer who decided to try our VKV Double-Sided Feeder for feeding his calves. He came back a few days later and said they worked so well he wanted some more… He sent the photo to the right of the calves using the feeder.

“I have them in use in the buck kid and doe kid pens....NICE zero hay waste......feed saved money made!”

"We purchased two double-sided 8' feeders last summer. They work wonderfully well for both our Boer and angora goats.  We plan to purchase more in the future".

We purchased two of your goat feeders in early June and absolutely love them!!!”

“I should mention that your hay feeders work great for dairy goats too! I have one of your 8 foot long feeders and I love it! I need to get more sometime for my other pens. The goats wasted a lot less hay over the winter using that vs. how I fed hay before. I like the pan that catches the alfalfa leaves so that they can eat them instead of wasting them underfoot. I have Nigerians and it works just great for them! I was worried about the size thing since it seems like so much of the stuff for full sized goats doesn't work for me but this feeder works great for them.”